About the Owner

Mary Phelps is an Arizona Native/Native American(Navajo). She is the daughter to Jody Krueger/Ralph Krueger (Cottonwood, AZ) and Gilbert Phelps/Debra Phelps(Las Vegas, NV). She is a wonderful mother, meemaw and wife. 
Not only is she a small business owner, a mom, a wife, she finds much pride in helping the youth, the community and the Verde Valley. She is the founder the President of Camp Verde Arena Association. She took on this project 3 years ago, in hopes to put the arena that the Town of Camp Verde purchased a final resting spot. Which is now the Camp Verde Equestrian Center. This is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, which is member based. If you would like to donate or become a member, you can go to www.campverdeaena.com. 
Mary Phelps, is also a CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) warrior. This nasty disease is also known as the "Suicide Disease". CRPS is ranked among the most painful of all medical problems and has been nicknamed the 'suicide disease' because there is no cure and limited effective treatments. Mary, had undergo numerous surgeries to her left ankle from an old horse injury. Due to the trauma she sustained and getting infection in her ankle, she had recently under went Left Below Knee Amputation January of 2021. In June of 2021 she underwent another surgery where they removed about an inch more of her lower left leg which was infected with more infection. She also has had a DRG Spinal cord stimulator implant placed on her spinal cord for he CRPS pain, as well as had numerous Ketamine Infusions that take over 4 hrs. long sometimes 6 hrs. She has had numerous Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve block procedures, Lumbar Radial Embrations and the list goes on. As she is and the specialist still continues to work together to help with pain management. As far as the infection, she continues to be on antibiotics long term. She still is keeping infection at bay and working with an immunologist, orthopedist, pain specialist, infectious disease specialist and prosthetists.
With all the pain, and surgeries, she never stopped. She gives it her all. She is a dedicated wife, mom and business partner and owner.  
Buying her things, the things she makes, the things that make her happy. She finds very much pride in the work she does. As well she finds that it helps keep her mind busy and off all the negative but only the positive,
God bless you all