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You are now able to request for the sublimation prints only.  You have a heat press, but not the printer or a big enough printer?  Here is your opportunity, to send me your design or an Etsy design you purchased and I'll print it out for you.  Just pick your size and I'll get it done for you.  

All sublimation prints will be done in mirror, and will only work on 50% or better (Preferably 60%), Polyester material ONLY, and Light Color ONLY (Does not show up on Black)!!  No White INK!  

NO REFUNDS on prints.  I am not responsible for the way it pressed or washed out. Please make sure when you send me designs to you tell me what size if you have multiple designs and sizes on your order.  If not, if you send me one design with multiple sizes, that one and only design will be on all sizes.  

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